Northern Circuit route

The Northern Circuit Route is the longest route on Kilimanjaro, a nine day trip initially ascending Lemosho route on the western side of the mountain up onto the Shira Plateau before reaching the Lava Tower, then heading north and circumnavigating the main summit massif in a clockwise direction and joining up with the Rongai route. The summit is then climbed from the eastern side of the mountain and the descent is straight down via the southern Mweka route. Understandably this is also known as the Grand Traverse or the 360 Route and offers the complete Kilimanjaro experience in terms of all the habitats and the views of the mountain from all sides.

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Being more expensive, the Northern Circuit is the least visited but in many respects it’s the best option for climbing Kilimanjaro without the crowds. Prices depend on your group size, exact route chosen, dates of travel and much more. Please contact our sales team for a tailor made quote!