The Lemosho Route is a trekking route on Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. It is a popular route for those attempting to summit the mountain, as it offers a relatively gradual ascent and descent and passes through varied landscapes, including rainforest, moorland, and alpine desert. The route begins on the western side of the mountain and takes about 8 days to complete. It is generally considered to be a challenging but rewarding trek, with a success rate of about 70%.

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The Lemosho Route,¬†Kilimanjaro¬†offers the most scenic trail up the mountain. The untouched, and wild start to the trail is also one of the route’s highlights. For the first couple of days on the trail, you’ll traverse the rainforest zone which boasts some beautiful surroundings.

Tour Cost: $2250

Tour Cost: $2620