7 Days Luxury Package

PLATINUM PACKAGE- offers a wildlife experience to Tarangire national park, cultural tourism with local tribe dancers and Ngorongoro crater experience. Local dish and cultural wear inclusive.

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport in Arusha, Tanzania. Transfer to your arranged accommodation. If time permits, explore the city of Arusha and visit local markets or cultural

The Tarangire River runs through the park attracting a huge number of elephants, buffalo, giraffe and antelope, particularly in the dry season between June and October. It is not uncommon to see large herds of elephants roaming through Tarangire’s savannah grasses or taking shade under the odd looking “upside down trees” (baobab) that are dotted around the park. This park is also a “must see” for avid birdwatchers, boasting over 550 different bird species, the most diverse in Africa, including the Kori Bustard, the heaviest flying bird in the World!

With an estimated population of fewer than 2,000 individuals, the Hadzabe are one of the last tribes to stay true to their tribal history. Existing far from the crowds and globalization that inevitably follow tourism, they exist much as they always have. The Hadzabe people live in caves near Lake Eyasi, and their isolation and shrinking numbers have allowed them to avoid the HIV epidemic and other diseases that have spread due to intertribal marriages.

Men typically hunt and bring home honey to feed their families, while women and children gather fruits, berries, and roots with which to supplement their diet.

The men are particularly adept hunters, and their daring and inventive hunting style is a sight to behold. Using parts harvested from other animals, they cunningly lure and put down game. They use locally made poisons and ingenious camouflage to hunt. 

As this is their only source of food, they are the only tribe permitted to hunt in the Serengeti. Whether overnighting in nearby lodges or travelling across from Karatu, visitors can join an early morning hunting demonstration before exploring the lake Eyasi region by car or on foot. 

A distinctive feature of Hadzabe culture is their language. The Hadzabe language is an idiosyncratic tongue of clicks. It is similar to that of the famous Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. Despite this and their similar physical appearances, DNA testing has shown no relations between the two groups. Rise before the shine and join the Hadzabe bushmen for the opportunity to hunt for your own food! The

local hunters will prepare a demonstration of hunting techniques just for us. Far from being a mere performance, this display reveals a great deal about their everyday lives when they must hunt for animals to feed their families. You will see firsthand how the Hadzabe use distinctive motions and even the body parts of certain animals to lure their prey close enough that they can be brought down with hand-crafted poisons.

After a late breakfast, you’ll have the opportunity for a drive around Lake Eyasi proper. A variety of bird and mammal life is on display, occasionally even flamingos and hippos call the lake home.

After an early breakfast, you will drive to the fascinating wildlife arena of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The crater, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is over 260km2 (100 miles2) and was formed when a massive volcano exploded and collapsed on itself 2 – 3 million years ago. It is now the largest intact volcanic caldera in the world and often referred to as “Africa’s Eden”. Home to more than 25,000 large mammals, it is not unusual to see all of the ‘Big Five’ (buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard) in a single day. Driving through the Ngorongoro Highlands, you will arrive at the crater rim and then descend down 610m (2000 feet) onto its floor to start your safari extravaganza. Our game drive will take us to Serengeti National Park for our night over.

After breakfast you will set out with a picnic lunch for a full day game drive. Serengeti National Park is one of world’s greatest game parks. Meaning “endless plains” in the Maasai language, it is Tanzania’s oldest game reserve and is world-famous for the role it plays in the annual Great Migration, when an estimated two million herbivores – mostly wildebeest and zebra – migrate from the Serengeti to Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve.As well as the vast migratory herds, the Serengeti has incredible concentrations of predators – huge lion prides, great leopard sightings and high numbers of cheetahs.

After early breakfast, you will start your game viewing in Serengeti national park. You will enjoy your last game viewing at Serengeti before departing for your next destination. You will be driven to the Seronera airstrip for your flight to Arusha. Upon arrival at Arusha, you will be transferred back to your arranged Hotel.

Per Person $5,440

GROUP $5,040

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