Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzee trekking is a popular activity in East Africa, especially in countries like Uganda and Tanzania. Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and social primates, and observing them in their natural habitat can be a unique and rewarding experience. There are several places in East Africa where you can go chimpanzee trekking, including: Kibale National Park in Uganda: Kibale National Park is home to the largest population of chimpanzees in East Africa. 

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Gorilla Trekking

Gorillas are large primates native to Africa. They are known for their strong and muscular builds, as well as their intelligence. There are two main species of gorillas: the Western gorilla and the Eastern gorilla. Western gorillas are found in central and western Africa and are generally smaller and lighter in color than Eastern gorillas. Eastern gorillas are found in eastern and central Africa and are generally larger and darker in color.

Both species of gorillas live in groups, or “troops,” that are led by a dominant male, or “silverback.” Troops typically consist of a few adult males, several adult females, and their offspring. Gorillas are herbivorous, feeding on a variety of plants, including leaves, stems, and fruit. They are endangered due to habitat loss and poaching, and it is important to work to protect their populations and ensure their survival.

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