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Deaf Travel

Baraka Trails is the first Tanzania local Travel Agency in the region to offer specialized services to deaf or hard-of-hearing people. We have a team of professional sign language interpreters. They are trained to handle all aspects of your needs. We handle our clients right from the time they land at the airport to when they depart the country. Our services include but not limited to: Meeting & transfer services, Sightseeing & excursion, Inclusive tours & hotel accommodations, Safaris, Conference & incentive facilities for the Deaf, and arrangements for visits to the social deaf communities in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

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Personalized experiences:

The tour company offers personalized experiences, tailoring the tour to the specific interests and needs of each traveler.

Responsible and sustainable tourism

The tour company operates in a responsible and sustainable manner, minimizing its impact on local communities and environments.