Marangu Trekking

The Marangu Route is a trekking route on Mount Kilimanjaro that is also known as the “Coca-Cola” route because it is the most tourist-friendly and well-developed of the routes. It is the oldest and most popular route on the mountain, and is known for its relative ease and comfort, as it is the only route that offers accommodations in huts rather than tents. The Marangu Route takes about 5-6 days to complete and begins on the southeastern side of the mountain. While it is the easiest of the routes, it also has the lowest success rate for summit attempts, with only about 50% of trekkers reaching the top.

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The Marangu Route also known as the “Coca-Cola Route” is the oldest and most well established trekking route on Mount Kilimanjaro, and it remains extremely popular mainly because it is the only route on the mountain that has hut accommodation for trekkers.

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