Kilimanjaro Full Moon Climb

Kilimanjaro full moon climb

Climbing Kilimanjaro during a full moon can be an extraordinary experience! The moonlight illuminates the landscape, creating surreal views and enhancing the overall adventure. Since Kilimanjaro is one of the most popular mountains to climb, it’s essential to plan your trip well in advance, especially if you’re aiming for a specific time like during a full moon.

Make sure to check the dates of the full moon in 2024-2025 to align your climb accordingly. Full moon dates can vary from month to month.

While climbing Kilimanjaro during a full moon can offer a magical experience, it’s essential to remember that weather conditions and altitude challenges can still affect your journey. Be prepared with the right gear, and follow proper acclimatization protocols. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a physically demanding endeavor, and your safety should always be the top priority, regardless of the moon phase. 

Full moon dates vary each month. You can contact us if you want to climb during full moon to determine when the next full moon will occur and plan your Kilimanjaro climb accordingly.

Kindly note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in any of the above Kilimanjaro Full Moon dates. Although every effort is made to achieve accuracy in these moon calendars, users may use these dates strictly at own risk and are therefore strongly advised to confirm the accuracy of the details at own arrangement, before traveling.

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