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About Us

Welcome on Baraka Trails Adventure website!

We are local company organizing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Oldonyo Lengai Trips, Holidays in Zanzibar & different Safaris in Tanzania. We have strong experience and great team of people that guarantees the highest quality!

We are not the agency that rents guides. We are the guides and we always take care of your satisfaction.

About Baraka Trails Adventure

A Different Way to Travel

At Baraka Trails Adventures, we encourage you to step off the beaten path, embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary. Embrace authentic wildlife nature, mountain trekking, accommodation and local transportation to bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring story about over 145 languages spoken in Tanzania but come together under one language (Swahili) as national language.

Flexibility and Independence

Head off to explore independently or just chill out at night and watch the star go by. We include the must-see highlights on most of our trips, allowing you the time to explore according to your own tastes.

Price and Value

We believe an unforgettable travel experience doesn’t have to be expensive; that’s why we continually strive to offer the most competitive prices around. Because our grassroots approach provides a more affordable way to travel, we’re able to deliver the adventure of a lifetime at a fraction of the cost.


With the largest variety of destinations, departure dates and an unparalleled choice of trip styles and service levels designed to meet all tastes, ages and budgets, we’re certain there’s a Baraka Trails Adventure trip for you.

24/7 Service

If you’ve got questions about a trip – even if it’s the one that you’re currently on – we’re here to help, day or night. We never sleep.

Lifetime Deposits

If you cancel or delay your trip for any reason, your deposit remains valid until you’re ready to go. You can even pass it on to a friend.


From private jeep to, public bus, tuk tuk (motorbike), train and boat, we’re all about variety. Sometimes local transport is the best and most colorful way to go. But, depending on your choice of destination, service level and trip style, we provide alternative ways of getting around, too.


From unique lodges, hotels, tents to sleeping moor under the stars in a tranquil bay, our options will provide you with the most authentic experience possible and will always reflect the local character and spirit of your adventure.

Departure dates

The departure dates for all our safaris and tours packages are totally flexible according to your own personal needs and availability of group if you want to join. Please contact us for further and more detailed information.